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Jeff's modern, dynamic communication style and intelligent, deeply thought-provoking content have broad appeal for all ages, from teens to adults. For camps, conventions, weekend retreats, seminars, youth services, or Sunday services, Jeff's preaching and teaching will challenge you to think and inspire you to believe. What follows is just a sampling of the messages and topics Jeff could bring to your service or special event. Keep in mind that this is in no way intended to be a complete list, but rather a selection of examples just to give you an idea of what Jeff's ministry has to offer.

You can listen to sample audio of some of these messages and teachings on the audio page.

"Surviving In Oz" - "We're not in Kansas anymore." This vitally important message makes use of a simple and yet wonderfully creative illustration to explain the 21st century American cultural worldview and to give practical instruction to Christians on how to survive as strangers in a strange land. This is one of Jeff's most powerful and popular messages. Don't miss it!
"The Last Nail" - This message presents a biblical worldview of the all-important subjects of sin, judgment, and salvation in a way you will never forget. Using the story of Lazarus' resurrection, Jeff explains the sinner's desperate condition and the utterly miraculous nature of the rescue provided to him by Jesus Christ.
"The Truth About Homosexuality" - Boldly and sensibly tackling what could be the most important social, political, and spiritual issue of our time, Jeff focuses on explaining the fallacies of the "Christian homosexual" movement and refuting the arguments radical activists use to persuade the public that the Bible has no real prohibitions against homosexuality.
"Killer Giants" - Evidence both statistical and anecdotal suggests that churched young adults in America are experiencing a crisis of faith. Why are young adults who have been raised through their teen years in our churches abandoning the church and their faith as they enter adulthood? In this message, Jeff presents three "giant" worldview issues that threaten the spiritual lives of our young adults.
"Whose Life Is It, Anyway?" - The modern American cultural worldview stresses personal freedom, self-actualization, individual rights. This message boldly contrasts this worldview with the message of the cross, which demands personal service, self-sacrifice, and individual obedience to Christ.
"God's Eye View" Series - This three-part series deals with the sanctity of human life, environmentalism, and animal rights activism in a biblical worldview context. Though developed as a series, each message can also stand on its own.
"From Disney To Decadence" - One of the most influential forces in defining the culture and worldview of today's "tweens", the Disney Channel is the central illustration of this message. When delivered to parents, this message stresses the importance of the intentional training of our children. When delivered to teens, it stresses the importance of recognizing, and rejecting, unbiblical worldviews. Topics covered include the role of parents, the role of faith, and the role of sexuality in a tween's life. Far from "Disney-bashing", this engaging, entertaining, and provocative message is one every parent needs to hear.
"The Image Of God" - A recent research survey conducted by Baylor University and the Gallup Organization, published in USA Today, concluded that the single most important factor in determining a person's worldview is that person's image of God. This teaching uses the survey's findings as a talking points for developing an accurate image of God that will, in turn, foster a biblical worldview in a person's life.
"The Four Questions" - Using material from the Answers In Genesis Demolishing Strongholds series, this teaching equips students or adults with four questions they can use to engage an unbeliever in a productive worldview discussion.
"Defending The Faith" - Again using material available from Answers In Genesis, Jeff can teach on a variety of subjects related to Christian apologetics. Topics include: Introduction to Apologetics, Evolution: Science or Faith?, Evolution by the Numbers, The Historical Reliability of the New Testament, and The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.